Customs will continue to block revenue leakages, says border drill Coordinator  *seize rice, other items worth N568m

Customs will continue to block revenue leakages, says border drill Coordinator *seize rice, other items worth N568m

Joint Border Drill Operation Team, North Central States, Sector 3 Ilorin Kwara State, has vowed to maintain zero tolerance for corruption and revenue leakages, even as it announced the seizure of rice and other items worth N568, 763,380.00).

Briefing newsmen in Ilorin on the seizures, the operation Coordinator in Charge of North Central States, Sector 3 comprising Kwara, Kogi, Niger and Benue, Comptroller Mohammed Uba Garba, said that Smuggling is a crime and that the Custom will continue to treat those who engage in it as criminals.

“We will continue to police our area of operations in line with the Federal Government directives on partial closure of our National Borders.

“It is no longer news that the Federal Government on the 20th of August, 2019 partially closed all Land Borders for betterment of the Nation’s economy, security of the citizen and for our neighboring countries to abide by ECOWAS Protocols.

“Part of our mandate is to stop fuel supply to 20 kilometer radius to Border communities, the mandate which we will implement to the latter”, Mohammed added.

Mohammed who emphasized that border closure is not targeted at anyone, individual, group of persons or any community but for the protection of the Nation’s economy, noted that border closure will improve security-banditry, kidnapping, smuggling, illegal migrants.

He said further that it will improve the nation’s agricultural output and increase in revenue generation.

Mohammed who took over the leadership of this National Assignment on Monday 30th December, 2019, however promised to use all strategies in their anti-smuggling war.

“The eagle-eyes of the Joint Border Operators and superior intelligence sharing/utilizations will continue to cause unrepentant Smugglers nightmares”, he said.

Meanwhile, Sector 3 intensified effort had led to evidential records of seizure of 10,201 Foreign Par boil Rice of 50kg each with Duty paid Value of N173, 417,000.00 equal to 12 trailers of Rice.

Other seizures include: 52 different types of Used Vehicles, Trucks, Trailers and other vehicles used for conveying Contraband goods with Duty Paid Value (DPV) of N88, 854, 500; 561 Drums of Petrol with DPV of N 9,480,000.00 and 1,670 tablets of Tramadol of 200mg each and Two Packs of Rebozel Drugs Containing 500 tablet each with cost value of N165,000,000).

Others are: 1,524 Jerricans of Petrol with DPV of N12, 633,250.00; 11 Motorcycles used to conveyed Smuggled goods with DPV of N950,000.00; 94 Pieces of Poisonous Charlie Toothpaste with DPV of N33,840,00; 68 Tins of Jago Condensed Milk with DPV of N65,280.00 and 80 Pieces of washing Soap with DPV of N9,600
Others include: 128 Pieces of poisonous “Read a Dream” Insecticide with DPV of N92,160.00; 85 Kegs of Vegetable Oil of 25 liter each with DPV of N2,070,000.00; 19 Bales of Second Hand Clothing and Shoes with DPV of N912,000.00 and 42 Sacks of Female Second Hand Bags with DPV of N 1,008,000.00.

In summary, the Sector has so far recorded a total number of 124 seizures with total DPV of N568, 763,380.00, while 11 suspects were arrested in connection to these seizures and were released on administrative bail.

However, during the period under review 204 illegal migrants were repatriated. This include 99 Nigeriens, 100 Beniniose, 3 Malians and 2 Chinese