International Women’s Day: Kwara APWEN takes Coronavirus, Lasa Fever campaign round Ilorin streets

International Women’s Day: Kwara APWEN takes Coronavirus, Lasa Fever campaign round Ilorin streets

As parts of activities marking the 2020 International Women’s Day celebration, the Association of Professional Women Engineers (APWEAN), Ilorin branch, Saturday took sensitization campaign against Coronavirus and Lasa fever round major streets of Ilorin Kwara State capital

Leading a rally attended by members of Medical Women Professional Association of Nigeria to mark the 2020 International Women’s Day Celebration, the Ilorin branch Chairman of APWEAN, Engineer Oluwatoyin Babatunde said women engineers also have a role to play to ensure that Nigerians live a healthy life.

“We are using this opportunity to create awareness on the issues of Coronavirus, and Lasa fever. We want our people to take safety precaution against Coronavirus and Lasa fever by keeping our environment clean. We as Engineers, we have a role to play in ensuring that our people live a healthy life “, she said

Engineer Babatunde told reporters in a chat during the rally that all hands must be on deck to solve emerging social, health and economic problems in the country and the African continent as whole.

She advocated free compulsory education for the girl child even as she urged the federal government to encourage the training of more teachers in Science Technology Mathematics (STEM)

“We, women Engineers we have some challenges because there had been this stereotype and this believe that Engineering is a profession mostly dominated by man but that is the reason we have the awareness that Engineering is not just profession for males is a profession for both males and females because Engineering has to do with solving problems and when we look at the world population, you will see that the population of men and women is very close. To find solution to this problem we must bring everyone together”.

Reflecting on the theme of this year’s celebration, the chairman stated that Gender Equality is not a women’s issue but a World issue which promotes a Gender equal World for a healthier, wealthier and more harmonious environment.

“When we are talking about equality in engineering we are not talking about women parse, we are talking of gender inequality as a whole. So we are trying to emphasize that this gender inequality among everyone irrespective of religion, irrespective of age and profession, we are trying to say everyone should have equal rights in every ramifications of live”, she said.

She said that women have contributed immensely to the development of each Nation and so the reason for the celebration.

The International Women’s day(IWD) is a day set aside to celebrate women’s achievement Worldwide. The day is marked around the World every 8th of March by various groups, Organisations and Governments.

The Theme for the 2020 IWD is ”generation-equality” which recognizes all actions that individuals should take to challenge stereotypes, fight bias and celebrating Women’s achievement.