NUJ Boss vows investigating COVID -19 funds

NUJ Boss vows investigating COVID -19 funds

The Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) has vowed that as watch dog of the society, it is set to raise at the background, high profile investigative reporters drawn from the print, electronic and social media to track, monitor very closely every income and expenditure of all funds raised for the purposes of managing the covid-19.

The Union’s President, Chris Isiguzo, in a Press release, said “Our scope of coverage will cover all tiers and levels of government. It must be made clear that the NUJ will hold accountable all those saddled with the responsibility of handling public funds during this period.

NUJ also threatened to take drastic actions against media organizations owing journalists in the country.

Isiguzo said, “for debtor media houses, the Union reiterates that it will not continue to stand idly while journalists who work round the clock are owed several months arrears of salaries. Since its strategic engagements appear not to be yielding results as expected, the Union in the coming weeks may be forced to resort to either picketing of such media houses or take legal actions.”